Advanced Financial Company

Backup Servicing

AFC will work with your Primary Servicer as a backup resource should the circumstances warrant.

  • Backup Servicing Initial Setup
    • AFC’s Information Technology Team (IT) will design the transfer protocol, database interface programming of all systems required to provide servicing for transaction processing and reporting.
  • Periodic Data Downloads
    • Utilizing the created interface program, AFC can receive data downloads into its servicing system on a predetermined frequency and will include all data provided from the Primary Servicer. AFC will produce a Trial Balance and other reports to compare and balance with the Primary Servicer.
  • Backup Servicing
    • Provides a level of assurance to all parties that a backup resource has been structured and the assets will be protected in the servicing environment. Data is warehoused by AFC in a manner to provide complete transfer of servicing and collections in a rapid manner. Backup servicing attributes and environment are customizable to fit your needs.