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Privacy Act Notification

Dear Customer,

Federal law and where applicable, state law, require consumer finance companies to inform their customers how they collect, share and protect personal customer information. This requirement extends to companies providing loan servicing to those financed accounts because of the assumption of a primary customer relationship. Accordingly, Advanced Financial Company is sending you this Privacy Act notification.
Please read this notice carefully. The Privacy Act notification applies to all personally identifiable financial and other nonpublic personal information about you that we now have in our possession or that we may obtain in the future. We provide this notice to all customers when they become our customers and annually thereafter.
Nonpublic Personal Information Collected:
In order to provide you with the consistent quality financial services it is important that we collect and maintain accurate nonpublic personally identifiable information about you. We obtain this information from 1) applications, forms and other documents you fill out and submit to us, 2) communications (written, verbal, or electronic) between you and your financial lender or Advanced Financial Company or our affiliates during the loan transaction and servicing, and 3) consumer credit bureaus. Personally identifiable information includes a consumer’s name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and Social Security number, as well as other identifiers that permit the consumer to be contacted.
Sharing of Personal Information:
 We do not share your non-public personal information with others except (1) with your financial lender, and its affiliated businesses specifically and only as necessary to service and update your account, (2) with consumer credit bureaus as permitted by federal law, (3) as otherwise permitted or required by law, such as to protect against fraud or to respond to a subpoena.
Protection of Personal Information:
We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of your non-public personally identifiable information from unauthorized access or alteration, and we regularly review such safeguards to ensure effectiveness. For example, we control access to your information by restricting access to our employees who need it in order to perform their duties in servicing your account and who are trained in the proper safeguarding of such information. Employees who violate our policies and procedures regarding privacy are subject to disciplinary action.
Please call our Privacy Policy toll-free number, if you should have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy. Advanced Financial Company Privacy Policy: (800) 603-9467.
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