Advanced Financial Company

About AFC

With over 20 years of experience, Advanced Financial Company has managed to grow its servicing structure in the mortgage vertical market as well as diversifying in the auto loan servicing space and other industries. AFC currently services over 20 clients representing over $175,000,000 in combined portfolio balances and over 18,000 loans.

AFC performs the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) assessment billing and payment processing for more than twenty-five (25) properties representing over $75,000,000 in HOA dues annually and servicing over 90,000 owners. The owners are currently billed annually, quarterly or monthly. This varied payment frequency option along with customized payment plans has provided the highest revenues for our HOA clients.

Our Services and Solutions

We're a Total Solution
We're a Total Solution to your portfolio's financial services needs and assessment/membership dues billing requirements.

We have Four Advantages our competitors will never match:
  1. We listen. We're a customer service company first and foremost, a financial servicer second.
  2. We are experienced specialists. This is all we do. Since 1990, AFC has processed millions of payments via ACH, auto draft, check and credit card. We are leaders operationally and technologically.
  3. We are affordable. We have a very competitive pricing structure and won't nickel and dime you with miscellaneous fees that drive up your expenses as hidden costs.
  4. We are licensed, bonded and insured. Many servicers and collection companies are not. We carry liability insurance, errors & omissions insurance and fidelity bonds. In addition, we're independently audited for adherence to the AICPA's Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) No. 16 Type II.
Service and Excellence
Technologically, we offer on-line direct access to your portfolio via secure log-in over the Internet from your computer. You can view real-time daily updates to accounts in between month end financial reports or, keep track of delinquency status, cash flow, etc. You can also download and print data from your end for internal analysis.

Operationally, AFC's team of professionals are all cross-trained in multiple department functions including new loan boarding, billing and payment processing, title and reconveyance, transfer/write-off, etc. Each employee is extensively trained in customer service, problem resolution and account research. We will treat your members with respect and care.

In summary, AFC is an energetic and experienced company that offers intelligent analysis and innovative solutions in a cost-effective manner. We operate in an environment of skilled compliance with regulatory issues on behalf of our clients. We are in the customer service business first and foremost.
EZ Pay

  • Payments scheduled before 4:00 PM Pacific time on any Business Day will be credited to your account on that day.
  • Payments scheduled after 4:00 PM Pacific time or on any non-Business Day will be credited to your account on the next Business Day.